We're Saasafari.

Saasafari is an online creative agency packed with energy and creativity. Our company exists to help you do good in the world.

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Saasafari creates subscription-based web products that strengthen branding and marketing outreach for non-profits. Our products are referred to as SAAS (Software As A Service) products. They're affordable, scalable, and help you become even more effective.

Your non-profit is powerful, impactful, and makes a difference.

We provide an attractive, consistent, website that strengthens your brand and engages your entire community wherever your brand comes to life. You'll enjoy a consistent presentation at every level, and a consistent product customized with powerful features just for your organization. Plus, you'll enjoy one simple monthly rate.

Designed To Be Easy

  • Easy on your staff: Our products are easy to use, saving administration costs.
  • Easy on your budget: Monthly subscriptions mean no big budget items for development and maintenance of a custom website. You'll find no upfront development fees or additional maintenance costs either - your site is always up, and up to date.
  • Easy on your eyes: We work within your existing branding guidelines - no need to reinvent the wheel, unless you want us to. Our team of veteran developers, award-winning designers, and marketing and branding experts have years of experience you can count on.

Why let dollars that could further your cause be sidetracked into expensive programming and development? You can have a powerful, fully custom web marketing platform for your entire organization at a fraction of the traditional cost with our help.

Please have a look at our most recent project: www.elliesites.com, and please contact us with questions about your non-profit website marketing needs.


Our Most Recent Project


A managed service to build your brand, website and community with one low monthly rate.

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